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Meeting Momoiro Clover Z at Dortmund
 December 10, 2011, 00:00   laRedaction   Live report

The city of Dortmund (Germany) hosted this year Japan Media Arts Festival, an exhibition covering Japanese culture.

Japan Media Arts Festival

Although modest, the festival, which took place from September 10th to October 2nd 2011, offered a rich program of famous figures :
Art HIRAKAWA Norimichi / QUE Houxo, KUROKAWA Ryoichi, KUWAKUBO Ryota, MIYAMOTO Naotaka, ONISHI Yasuaki, SHINTSUBO Kenshu, SHINTSUBO Kenshu / IKEGAMI Takashi, UKAWA Naohiro
Entertainment FUJIKI Jun / SUZUTA Ken / SUZUKI Tatsuya, HAYASHI Tomohiko / SENBO Kensuke / KOYAMA Tomohiko, MASE Jitsuro / NAGAE Tom, MIYAWAKI Osamu, MIZUGUCHI Tetsuya, NAKAMURA Haruki, UCHIDA Shinya
Manga AZUMA Kiyohiko, INOUE Takehiko, IWAAKI Hitoshi, YAMADA Yoshihiro, YAMAMOTO Naoki, YOSHINAGA Fumi, Nichimandoku
Animation ANNO Hideaki, HARA Keiichi, HOSODA Mamoru, ISO Mitsuo, KOIKE Takeshi, MIYAZAKI Hayao, OSHII Mamoru, SHINKAI Makoto, TANIGAWA Nagaru / ISHIHARA Tatsuya, YUASA Masaaki
Concert sasakure.UK feat. Hatsune Miku, Momoiro Clover Z

The exhibition took place at the building Dortmunder U on two floors. On the 6th floor, show-pieces were exhibited and the 7th floor was used for concerts and events. On this occasion, the group gave us an interview :

Momoiro Clover Z

INN : Could you introduce yourselves briefly to our readers. Reni : I am Reni Takagi, Momoclo's electric girl. I am eighteen. Ayaka : I am Ayaka Sasaki, a.k.a Aarin, slightly sexy and playful. I am fifteen. Shiori : I am Shiori Tamai, a.k.a Shiorin, Spoiled crybaby, I am the sister of all. I am sixteen. Momoka : I am Momoka Ariyasu, little giant and crazy. I am sixteen. Kanako : I am Kanako Momota, my dimples are full of love. I am seventeen. INN : You are performing in bigger and bigger places and now abroad, how do you live this growing popularity compared to your debut? It's true that we are performing in bigger and bigger places, but wat's important to us is to have kept proximity whith our fans and that we and that together we continue to have fun. INN : Europe is receiving many idol groups. Would you like to perform in another European country for your next visit? (Rires) Yes! We want to go to France On veut aller en France! INN : Since your debut, and maybe even more after Hayami Akari's departure, Momoiro Clover Z is refering to sentaï. Are you fan of it ? (Do you think there is a link between idols and sentaï ?) (Laughs) It's funny but no, we are not big fans of it. NNevertheless, we believe that team spirit is an important thing, somehow the idols are the kinds of sentai. INN : Some of your songs have been used for anime's endings, are you fan of anime or manga ? If yes, which one ? Shiori : My favourite anime are Chibi Maruko-chan, Doraemon. Reni : K-on! and Negima! Kanako : Ojamajo Doremi. Ayaka : I like Anpanman. Momoka : I like Sailor Moon. INN : Japan experienced a major disaster in last March, we Europeans were surprised to see how the Japanese have kept their calm and above all, have continued to move forward. What kind of role can have Idols , in this situation? Kanako : It was a difficult moment, but we thought that bringing energy and joy was the best thing to do. (Reni shows hers biceps to Shiori who touches it). Shiori : yes, we have a lot of energy! (Laughs).
Finally, here's a message Momoiro Clover Z (English subtitles available):

You will find below, a gallery of photos from the interview and the concert:
[gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="5"]
Interview done in Dortmund, September 9, 2011. A big thank you to Momoiro Clover Z, and their staff, and to Steffen Korthals from Hartware MedienKunstVerein (HMKV) or their warm welcome.

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